Friday, April 7, 2017


a song cycle about moving/visiting/exploring and discovering... 

Dana International / Dana International (Airport Version) [ISRAEL]

Las Grecas / Bella Kali
Susana  Estrada / ¡Gózame Ya!
Fangoria / Mentiras De Folletín

Kelli Ali / The Hunter [UK]
Marie Davidson / Excès de Vitesse [FRANCE]
Ute Lemper / Streets of Berlin [GERMANY]
101 / Rock To The Beat [BELGIUM]

Kükl / Assassin [ICELAND]
Chelsea Wolfe / Carrion Flowers [USA]
El Abanico / Graciela [CUBA]

Lizzo / Good As Hell [USA]

Monday, April 4, 2016

Fangoria // Canciones para robots románticos

Teatro Barceló (Madrid) []
Monday, April 4 + Tuesday, April 5
Thursday, April 7 + Friday, April 8

Friday, April 22 + Saturday, April 23

Fangoria, the duo of Alaska and Nacho Canut have been making music together for nearly 40 years. Their first bands together were Kaka De Luxe, Alaska y Los Pegamoides and most importantly, Alaska y Dinarama. They shared the core of Dinarama with Carlos Berlanga. After Dinarama split, Alaska and Nacho created their present band, Fangoria. Often when you narrow down band members, key players or decision makers, you begin purification. What results is a less distilled version of your vision. This is certainly true of Fangoria. A great parallel of this is the relationship of The Creatures to Siouxsie & The Banshees. There is a total freedom that comes from a mutually fulfilling and understanding artistic relationship. 

It’s very exciting to be living in Barcelona for a new Fangoria album release. Their 12th album, Canciones para robots románticos was released on February 15th. Always thought provoking, the album argues in favor of the superiority of robots. What do we have that they don’t? Feelings. Humans bear this blessing and curse. We get distracted, impassioned and impatient easily. We lose sight of the task at hand. Robots retain their focus without our frailties. They are consistent and deliver. We humans seek reason and purpose for everything. We have some things to learn looking to them. What if there was a romantic robot? Wouldn’t that complete us both?

Canciones para robots románticos was produced by Guille Milkway and former Banshee Jon Klein. Guille produced the first, brighter songs and Klein worked on the dark end. You can hear his distinctive guitar style on those. The opener is the fantastic “Disco Sally, ” an ode to the famed octogenarian Studio 54 Dancer. The balance is struck in this song that can be heavy and light all at the same time. The beautiful backing vocals of the faithful Rafa “Spunky,” blend perfectly with the distinctively deep voice of Alaska. In the first single, “Geometría Polisentimental,” they evolve from the colors of their last album (Cuatricromía, 2013) to focus on shapes and the function of love. “Fiesta En El Infierno,” is a modern danceable meditation on the invention and shortcomings of love. Nacho’s spoken-word delivery proclaims love to be a medieval invention.  “La Nostalgia Es Una Droga,” is so true. Had they rested on and/or obsessed over their history, these two would not be able to deliver music like this. The most interesting artists tread forward personally and creatively.

My favorite is “Mentiras De Folletín.” The dark dance track pays tribute to figures such as Barbara Cartland. This can only be one of Alaska’s tacky fascinations. It forced me to seek out Cartland’s Album of Love Songs from 1978. The romance novelist sings accompanied by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. How else could I have found this gem? Fangoria have unknowingly been my Spanish tutors. Their clever lyrics have often had me looking to translations and dictionaries. I let them know of this detail at their record signing on February 16 at FNAC El Triangle (Barcelona). 

Saturday, February 14, 2015


23:00 : Carter Burwell - Puppet Love
23:02 : Eighties Ladies - I Knew That Love
23:06 : Trilogy - Love Me Forever Or Love Me Not (1991 Hip House Club Mix)
23:11 : Margie Cox - Warden in The Prison of Love
23:16 : Sondi Sodsai - Love Dance
23:19 : Cathy Dennis - C'mon And Get My Love
23:22 : Chelsea Wolfe - Feral Love
23:25 : Kronos Quartet & Asha Bhosle - Lover, Come to Me Now
23:30 : Ruth Copeland - Your Love Been So Good To Me
23:34 : Lisa Stansfield - You Know How to Love Me
23:39 : Rita Lee - And I Love Him
23:42 : Nayobe - Second Chance For Love
23:46 : Dorothy Ashby - The Look Of Love
23:50 : Mary J. Blige - Love No Limit
23:55 : Vanishing - Lovesick
23:58 : Ruth White - Lover's Wine
00:01 : Florence Trapp - Love Came Into My Life
00:05 : Alice Coltrane - A Love Supreme

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Pink Elephants on Parade (from Dumbo)
Aretha Franklin / Precious Memories
Meredith Monk / The Games: Memory Song 
Evelyn Evelyn / Elephant Elephant
Curve / Forgotten Sanity
Julee Cruise / I Remember
Tom Tom Club / L'Éléphant
The Shangri-Las / Remember (Walkin' In The Sand)
Seres Vacios / Recuerda
Henry Mancini / Baby Elephant Walk
Siouxsie & The Banshees / Not Forgotten
Julie London / I Remember You
Prince / Elephants & Flowers
Dusty Springfield / Don't Forget About Me
Yma Sumac / Remember
Les Rita Mitsouko / Don't Forget The Nite
Yoko Ono / Ask The Elephant
Peggy Lee / I Remember
Vincent Prince / Magic Candle To Find The Treasure


Thursday, August 7, 2014

RODENTALisENERGY (healingmix)

Labelle / Good Intentions
Cerrone / Supernature
Big Freedia / I Got The Power
Elisa Fiorillo / On The Way Up (7" Power Mix)
Pizzicato 5 / It's a Beautiful Day
Sylvester / Menergy [Remix]
Marta Sanchez / High Energy
The Pointer Sisters / Sexual Power
Evelyn Thomas / High Energy
Erykah Badu / The Healer
fDeluxe / Drummers and Healers
Lydia Lunch / Psychic Anthropology
The Stooges / Raw Power (live)
Louise Huebner / Self-Fascination Ritual for Increased Power
Brian Eno / Energy Fools The Magician
Lucia Pamela / Flip Flop Fly
Yoko Ono / Healing
Sinéad O'Connor / The Healing Room
Chairlift / Planet Health
Prince & The Revolution / Power Fantastic
Fangoria / Electricistas

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Diving Deep for Sea Shells (my book with Stella Castellucci) is now available.

Stella Castellucci tells the story of her remarkable life in music. Born in Los Angeles in 1930 to musician father Louis Castellucci, Stella would go on to continue and further his legacy. Stella joined Peggy Lee’s touring jazz group in 1953. They would form a close friendship that would endure past Peggy’s life. Stella witnessed and took part in a very creative time for Peggy Lee in the 1950’s. They would closely collaborate on the 1958 Decca release Sea Shells.

Stella would also appear on the albums: Songs in an Intimate Style (Decca, 1954), Black Coffee(Decca, 1956), Dream Street (Decca, 1957), The Man I Love (Capitol, 1957), Jump for Joy (Capitol, 1958), Pretty Eyes (Capitol, 1960) and Christmas Carousel (Capitol, 1960).

Learn the story behind the making of these and other classic recordings, including the Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong album Porgy & Bess. Stella remains a devoted friend to her “Big Sister” Peggy, even appearing for Lee’s 92nd birthday celebrations in North Dakota. This book was created through extensive email exchanges, phone conversations and visits between Stella and Edgar. We hope that the love and joy in writing it carries over to our readers. Fans of Jazz, Peggy Lee, harp music and the album Sea Shells are sure to enjoy the look back.

Available at:

Balboa Press


Barnes & Noble

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


A Subtlety.
Zero Point Field.
as always, sweet teeth!

SOW / The Kidnapping of Anna Wildsmith (Remix)
Skunk Anansie / Milk is My Sugar
Julie Andrews / A Spoonful of Sugar
Peggy Lee / I Left My Sugar (in Salt Lake City)
Eartha Kitt / Sugar Daddy
Millie Jackson / Pour Some Sugar on Me
Iggy Pop & Kate Pierson / Candy
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds / Sugar Sugar Sugar
Sneaker Pimps / Spin Spin Sugar (Radio Mix)
Cobra Killer / Red Sugar
Mary J. Blige / Sweet Thing
Honey Cone / While You're Out Looking for Sugar
L'Trimm / Sugar Sugar
The Ohio Players / Sweet Sticky Thing
Cocteau Twins / Sugar Hiccup
Sade / The Sweetest Taboo
Cibo Matto / Sugar Water [Acoustic]
Teena Marie / Sugar Shack Prelude + Sweet Tooth