Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Book Now Available

Greatest Improvement in Dance chronicles some of my musically obsessive adventures. This is quite a departure from my previous works of prose and poems. This music is mostly other peoples but sometimes crosses over (like a mischievous ghost) into my own musical works. The stage is also set for my evolving solo project RODENTAL. I present perspectives on that solo performance as well as performing as EaViL and my chaotic beginnings in The Electric Set. All of these works have previously been unpublished and this is their first time in print. There are reviews of albums by Siouxsie, Prince, Nico and Glass Candy. There are in depth interviews with my pals Lydia Lunch and Mister Fuckhead. There is a live review of Diamanda Gal├ís’ Valentine’s Day Massacre from NYC in 2007. There are some things that are pretty random like my first song lyric and some thoughts on the music of Vampyros Lesbos. There is also some insight into DJing and making compilations. I feel it’s important that each selection has a meaning behind it and serves a purpose or theme. The words here are presented as they were originally written aside from some grammatical fine tunings. There are also several photos and illustrations used to compliment the text. There is an undercurrent of self improvement and the importance of it that runs through.

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Greatest Imrovement in Dance... (coming soon)

I am near completion on a new chapbook. I have not done one of these since 2005. This one is all about music, with a few random things in. It's going to contain all of my unpublished work.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I was lucky to be able to see Koko at the Blues Fest in 2005. I have been a long time fan. This is one of my favorite songs of hers.
R.I.P. Koko

I want to be EaViL

...but I already am or was I? or will I ever be again?

I'm too anti-social for social networking, substance-less fluffer.


I am having a marathon of Peggy Lee and Lydia Lunch music, from beginning to end..

The Girl Who Walked Home Alone
Bette Davis - A Personal Biography by Charlotte Chandler

I am devouring this book on my bus rides, I should be reading my school books but I find it better to do that at home. The author has also written books on Alfred Hitchcock and Mae West (more greats) that I would like to read.

I am in the midst of a Grey Gardens marathon. I read about this documentary in The Advocate a few months ago. Its about Big and Little Edie Beale. They are relatives of Jackie O that live in a deteriorating house called Grey Gardens. This was filmed in the early 1970's. They are two amazing eccentric women. I would have like to have met either one of them. They are in their own little world. The only thing though is that Little Edie seems to have a lot of regrets. She still would be great to talk to. She is just being herself throughout the film, she's a very interesting character. There is an interesting scene where she tells of how a newspaper described her as a schzophrenic. She seems a little amused by the ridiculousness of it.  She is an all around entertainer and has a great fashion sense. Her mother Big Edie was a singer, and its cool to watch her sing over old records.