Thursday, June 4, 2009

I want to be EaViL

...but I already am or was I? or will I ever be again?

I'm too anti-social for social networking, substance-less fluffer.


I am having a marathon of Peggy Lee and Lydia Lunch music, from beginning to end..

The Girl Who Walked Home Alone
Bette Davis - A Personal Biography by Charlotte Chandler

I am devouring this book on my bus rides, I should be reading my school books but I find it better to do that at home. The author has also written books on Alfred Hitchcock and Mae West (more greats) that I would like to read.

I am in the midst of a Grey Gardens marathon. I read about this documentary in The Advocate a few months ago. Its about Big and Little Edie Beale. They are relatives of Jackie O that live in a deteriorating house called Grey Gardens. This was filmed in the early 1970's. They are two amazing eccentric women. I would have like to have met either one of them. They are in their own little world. The only thing though is that Little Edie seems to have a lot of regrets. She still would be great to talk to. She is just being herself throughout the film, she's a very interesting character. There is an interesting scene where she tells of how a newspaper described her as a schzophrenic. She seems a little amused by the ridiculousness of it.  She is an all around entertainer and has a great fashion sense. Her mother Big Edie was a singer, and its cool to watch her sing over old records.

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