Monday, August 10, 2009

Vanity 6 - 27 Years Later

I love Vanity 6. Their first and only album is one of the best Prince related releases. It took years for me to find this stuff when I first began obsessing, because everything was out of print. This is a thoroughly enjoyable album.

There is this new rapper called Amanda Blank. I came across a review of her album in the last SPIN magazine. They quoted "Make Up" not acknowledging that it was a cover. I hate this laziness in journalists. Credit is not due to her! While the cover is not bad it cannot touch the classic original. So this 2009 person of the moment is so sassy or ballsy for these lyrics? Not really. Someone needs to do their homework. This was 1982! There should have been some citation or acknowledgement of Vanity 6 or even Prince.

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