Sunday, November 7, 2010

El Dia De Los Muertos 2010 (MIX)

Mónica Naranjo - Europa
Danielle Dax - Pariah
Lydia Lunch - Dead in The Head
Nico - Roses In The Snow
Skin - Please Remember Me
Fangoria - Fantasmas
Siouxsie & The Banshees - El Dia De Los Muertos
Graveyard Tramps (Movie Trailer)
The Stooges - Death Trip
Tricky - Makes Me Wanna Die
Sinéad O'Connor - I Am Stretched On Your Grave
Chris & Cosey - Raining Tears of Blood
Diamanda Galás - See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
Peggy Lee - I Remember

Download HERE

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cobra Killer // Uppers and Downers

Brain/stem-cell/black and white film cell, wasted bleached and ruined. It’s about time to officially join the “Cobra Movement.” Cobra beats on… Cobra beats… off Cobra beats… strangled. Cobras are surrounding / surrendering broken record. “Hissing - not kissing!” just like the night shift sisters used to do. Shaking sending split snaky tongues wagging. The DHR super/mega/deluxe duo Cobra Killer = Annika Trost (former Shizou) + Gina V. D’Orio (former Ec8or). They also have their own solo projects. The love affair heightened in the attorney’s office. A couple of young law clerks were dual DJing to pass the monotony of writing motion slips. JC would mainly play Smashing Pumpkins and NIN and I would play lots of SATB and DHR. JC liked the first Cobra Killer album so much it warranted repeated plays, sing-alongs and “Sookie Sookie Now!” That very holy Xmas I gifted him the album. Chair spinning going on the merry go round. I mentally queue up “Where Did They Go?” by the great Peggy Lee when it comes to such reflection and remembrance. On Uppers and Downers “Upside Down The Building” and “Good-Time Girl” really stand out. In fact, the whole album is a good time, their sound has really evolved. “The Universe is in The Oven” aptly describes a fine cooking experience. I recommend viewing their live performance of “Try It” as a primer impacto for the Cobra gals. Annika is the hula hoop MËISTERESS and Gina stalks the audience. They are one of the few DHR (and best) artists doing anything new. They persist/insist on making excitedly fucked-up and interesting music. I remember thinking “How did they get away with this?” upon my first listen. They showed me how different music can be. They were the stabbing right and left q-tips in my bourgeoning devirgining ear drums.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Goldfrapp // Head First

The (li)k(e)ness s(i)mile simultaneous metaphor of the robot (c)o(l)d(e). The rocket becomes a train running express / zoom (zoom, zoom)-ing past destinations, especially the stop you requested. A joyous sound overpowers the glum, tired, worn out faces punching the clock, the dread. Head First would be part of the savings plan. How can you frown while hearing a song like “Rocket?” I have nice 80’s flashbacks, seeing librarians with big hair, colorful makeup and the la(te)st fashions. These are only glimpses from a grown up. It provides needed parts of the changing plan. This is a soundtrack in time for difficult/fun alterations in life and in season and the SPRING A(HEAD) FIRST. This will be the first one in a new scene, new home. Depth after depth I got higher. I can’t help loving the UK Chanteuse Messenger Gorgeousness known as Alison Goldfrapp. Ms. G. has kept me on my toes with her changes in direction and styles. The Goldfrapp grocer brings the goods. As usual, the best track is the WTF experimental track “Voice Thing.” This continues in the tradition of my favorite past songs like “Slippage” (from Black Cherry) and “Oompa Radar” (from Felt Mountain). These all are very minimal with wordless vocalizations. Also standing out is “Believer,” (not just) because it has a good beat and you can dance to it. I have to admit I pressed the snooze button many times on the previous album Seventh Tree. It was very mellow and different (kind of folk), but I know I missed something. It’s because of this new album that I would like to get better acquainted with it. I really hope that their tour hits Chicago. It’s doubtful though, considering how lethargic and uninspiring the audience was here for their last show in oh3.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fangoria // Absolutamante

Alaska (Olvido Gara) is the love of my life lately. I accidentally stumbled upon her doing some goggle searches. The first song I heard of hers was “Bailando,” (Alaska Y Los Pegamoides) which is a great start. There was so much more to come. I would dive into a well of music and videos that’s deepened over 30 years. Alaska is leader of the bands: Alaska y Los Pegamoides, Alaska y Dinarama and currently Fangoria. I can’t help but fall harder as I delve into the discography of this wonderfully talented, beautiful and of course dark woman. She is the type that my stepmother (whose primary language is Spanish) would refer to as one of “las mujeres peligrosas” (dangerous women). She has correctly noted and observed my predisposed attraction to them. This class also includes: Siouxsie Sioux, Diamanda Galás, Jarboe and Lydia Lunch (her fellow Spanish emigrant). The prerequisite for this class is that they are: strong, prolific, beautiful, unique and write some damn good lyrics. I know that’s too much to ask these days, hence the length of my list. It’s true I might only understand half of what I hear. The language bury ear is becoming less of a burden. I have a hell of a time trying to sing-along, but she is making my Spanish less busted. The songs are expanding my vocabulary. I want to understand completely. Even in that half I find myself feeling and relating to the music. This might be her last album as Fangoria but I’m sure she will go on to other things. My favorite song on here is “Absolutamente.” It’s a great tune for uncertain times and uncertain people. The song is so affirmative, positive and just great to hear. The remix version features movie star/singer Sarita Montiel doing her thing at 82. The video is over the top in the best way.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Teeth Sharpening

Historically, many cultures have practiced this form of body modification. In Bali, teeth were filed down because it was thought that the teeth represented anger, jealousy, and other similar negative emotions. The teeth were also sharpened as a rite of passage for adolescents. [1] Teeth filing was also used by Aborigines for spiritual reasons, as did assorted Vietnamese and Sudanese tribes. In Mayan culture, the teeth were sharpened, and sometimes had designs carved into them, to distinguish those in the upper-classes. Many cultures would sharpen their teeth to imitate animals, such as the Wapare of intertropical Africa, who sharpened their teeth to imitate sharks, as well as kicking out some of the lower teeth during puberty.[2] In Ancient China, a group called Ta-ya Kih-lau ("Kih-lau which beat out their teeth"[3]) had every woman about to wed knock out two of her front teeth to "prevent damage to the husband's family."[3] Some cultures have distinctions between which sex does what to their teeth. In the central Congo region, the Upoto tribe has men file only the upper row, and women file both the upper and lower rows.[4]