Saturday, May 1, 2010

Goldfrapp // Head First

The (li)k(e)ness s(i)mile simultaneous metaphor of the robot (c)o(l)d(e). The rocket becomes a train running express / zoom (zoom, zoom)-ing past destinations, especially the stop you requested. A joyous sound overpowers the glum, tired, worn out faces punching the clock, the dread. Head First would be part of the savings plan. How can you frown while hearing a song like “Rocket?” I have nice 80’s flashbacks, seeing librarians with big hair, colorful makeup and the la(te)st fashions. These are only glimpses from a grown up. It provides needed parts of the changing plan. This is a soundtrack in time for difficult/fun alterations in life and in season and the SPRING A(HEAD) FIRST. This will be the first one in a new scene, new home. Depth after depth I got higher. I can’t help loving the UK Chanteuse Messenger Gorgeousness known as Alison Goldfrapp. Ms. G. has kept me on my toes with her changes in direction and styles. The Goldfrapp grocer brings the goods. As usual, the best track is the WTF experimental track “Voice Thing.” This continues in the tradition of my favorite past songs like “Slippage” (from Black Cherry) and “Oompa Radar” (from Felt Mountain). These all are very minimal with wordless vocalizations. Also standing out is “Believer,” (not just) because it has a good beat and you can dance to it. I have to admit I pressed the snooze button many times on the previous album Seventh Tree. It was very mellow and different (kind of folk), but I know I missed something. It’s because of this new album that I would like to get better acquainted with it. I really hope that their tour hits Chicago. It’s doubtful though, considering how lethargic and uninspiring the audience was here for their last show in oh3.

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