Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cobra Killer // Uppers and Downers

Brain/stem-cell/black and white film cell, wasted bleached and ruined. It’s about time to officially join the “Cobra Movement.” Cobra beats on… Cobra beats… off Cobra beats… strangled. Cobras are surrounding / surrendering broken record. “Hissing - not kissing!” just like the night shift sisters used to do. Shaking sending split snaky tongues wagging. The DHR super/mega/deluxe duo Cobra Killer = Annika Trost (former Shizou) + Gina V. D’Orio (former Ec8or). They also have their own solo projects. The love affair heightened in the attorney’s office. A couple of young law clerks were dual DJing to pass the monotony of writing motion slips. JC would mainly play Smashing Pumpkins and NIN and I would play lots of SATB and DHR. JC liked the first Cobra Killer album so much it warranted repeated plays, sing-alongs and “Sookie Sookie Now!” That very holy Xmas I gifted him the album. Chair spinning going on the merry go round. I mentally queue up “Where Did They Go?” by the great Peggy Lee when it comes to such reflection and remembrance. On Uppers and Downers “Upside Down The Building” and “Good-Time Girl” really stand out. In fact, the whole album is a good time, their sound has really evolved. “The Universe is in The Oven” aptly describes a fine cooking experience. I recommend viewing their live performance of “Try It” as a primer impacto for the Cobra gals. Annika is the hula hoop MËISTERESS and Gina stalks the audience. They are one of the few DHR (and best) artists doing anything new. They persist/insist on making excitedly fucked-up and interesting music. I remember thinking “How did they get away with this?” upon my first listen. They showed me how different music can be. They were the stabbing right and left q-tips in my bourgeoning devirgining ear drums.

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