Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mister Fuckhead // 333

Why is it I thought this album would be so rough, so scary? I am mistaking the painstaking detail. There is peace and loveliness within as well, even if it is fleeting (much like life). Such a sophisticated gentleman makes sounds that can be soothing. It’s been done to death by the man himself. The version and reversion revise all the way until satisfaction. I get a broke down barricade of beatific baroque. I love what he did with the viaduct. It was crawling to the other side I most enjoyed. The psyche, this object abducts. 333 stains the brain because we get 3:33 twice each day. We are constantly reminded. The car crash won’t start, wheels burning on overdrive. The fingers have had enough and he’s still got them! Pounding keys, warping through the gash grater / cater to the bea(s)ts. A stompy square dance drops the garter, the strip/teases work even harder. I take it in 1/3 at a time. “Deadbeat Deluxe” (great title!) reminds me slightly of video game music. Only the level consists of boss after boss, a tension that doesn’t stop/drop. This carries over to hurdle after hurdle. I am inspired to sprint and destroy. And I can remember flashbacks all the way through it. At times it was like playing on the metal playground equipment in the dead of summer. We had a burning layer of rocks and dirt to land on, not wood chips. mF likes to do things the hard way. (333 is available @

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