Friday, August 17, 2012

Laurie Allyn // Paradise

There is danger in the shadow of her smile. Between the dark corners exists a fine voice. My chanteuse takes me (well, lifts me really) to “Paradise.” This album makes me feel so wonderful and alive. Even in the torch songs, she embodies the feelings of being down in the dumps of love (“I'll Never Smile Again”). That flaming heartbreak is her own Great Chicago Fire. She empties her heart and fills mine. She can soar on Stella’s (heart) strings. The flawless arrangements are courtesy of too many top notch musicians to list. The piano intermezzo in “Surrey With The Fringe On Top” causes sensory overload. The ladies and gentlemen would gladly line up to be offered the passenger seat. This siren can swing with the best of them. The proof is in: “All I Need Is You” and “You're So Bad For Me.” When I was here before, I was seated amongst future bunnies and big shots. I was waiting for the lady of the hour. She stands so tall that the skyline scrapes at her high heeled shoes. “The Girl Can't Help It!” She’s prettier than the chandeliers. Those eyes more than sparkle with cascading clarity. The cocktail glasses clink and the crowd doesn’t stand a chance. The spotlight pops and optical shots won’t misfire. Oh! How my heart pounds seeing that evening gown. She slinks down before the microphone and the band secures their sheet music. With a coy smile, she announces: “Hello, I’m Laurie Allyn and tonight I’m going to sing for you.” She stomps on prairie and dunes singing into the blue light. I give her diamonds, fur coats and champagne for encores. The real gift is that I had a chance to share a toast with her in this life. In the flesh.

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