Friday, March 7, 2014


I decided to make a DJ set during a downtime. You can expect my usual disregard for boundaries, genres or any other logic. I call it WHAT IS WINTER? It is dedicated to the two winters and Mrs. de Winters. It is as always, dictated by my current feelings and favorites.
Mosquito / Johanna Went
Music in Twelve Parts, Part 1 (Remix) / Philip Glass
Desfachatez TSOA / Fangoria
I Don't Want To Get Thin / Sophie Tucker
Spirit In The Dark / Aretha Franklin
I'm Feeling Alright / Big Mama Thornton
Clone Me / Miss Kittin
El Hijo Sin Nombre / La Lupe
Past Mistake / Tricky
Little Dead Bodies /Algebra Suicide
Tell the Truth / Sequal
All Souls Rising / Angels of Light
Initials B.B. / Anita Lane & Mick Harvey
Insane Asylum / Koko Taylor
Yes, I'm A Witch / Yoko Ono
Ego Tripping / Nikki Giovanni